SDF's Site


Welcome to SDF's site, this is the personal web site of Steven "SDF" Sulley. This web site showcases some of my programming projects and offers downloads and a way to give feed back on them, the highlights are below but there are more on the downloads page. The site also provides links to my favourite web sites and my social content ( FaceBook / Twitter,) links, badges and widgets are placed down the right-hand side of the page.

Latest Projects


Project thumbnail for SDF:IRC An Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client which can be easily customised through installing and removing plug-ins.

Bug Screen Saver

Project thumbnail for Bug Screen Saver A simple screen saver for Windows, watch as tiny little insects slowly eat away at your desktop.


Project thumbnail for Martha Being created for a friend, this application will allow an artist to keep track of who they owe art to. It uses a simple To-Do list and requestees' details can also be added. Each item can be categorised and tagged for searching and most importantly, there is a deadline feature!

Puffin Web Browser

Project thumbnail for Puffin Web Browser A small web browser written in Java, I've made this to help me teach myself a few things.